Thursday, 29 December 2016

On the 29th Decmeber , 2016 , the zoology department at Abeda Inamdar sr. college , Pune hosted the official inauguration of the AISC Zoology association- ‘eZOOcation’.  The chief guest for the occasion was Dr. Narahari Gramapurohit Assistant professor of Department of Zoology Savitribai Phule University  . What was initially meant to be a very formal affair, ending up being immensely moving, not to mention deeply thought-provoking.
The ceremony began with recitation of verses of Quran by student Hajrah Sayyed .Dr. Ishrat Shaikh HOD, Department of Zoology , AISC, gave a heart-felt speech about the significance of conservation and its need with the help of example of extinct bird DODO. . She gave the audience an idea about what the zoology department of the college is all about, and what motivates its students to study biology and animals so closely. She also mentions the objective behind the Zoology association .
After the felicitation of chief guest Principal , Dr. Shaila Bootwala has given a enthusiastic speech to motivate students . It was finally time for Dr. Narahari Gramapurohit to share his knowledge in the field of animal behaviour.  His lengthy talk with the students served as a spark that fueled the minds of everyone present to contemplate about the potential of the association to bring about actual change; maybe not on a large scale, but definitely on the college campus. This change could be cultivating interest for wildlife in students, or even to just spread knowledge about the state of affairs in our country ,when it comes to animal and plant ecology and conservation. 

Overall the inauguration had the right impact on all present, and served as a great opening for the association.

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