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Co-ordinating committee
                 Principal : Dr. E. M. Khan
                                 Vice- Principal : Dr. Shaila Bootwala
                                 Teachers :
·        Dr. Ishrat Shaikh ( Head , Department of Zoology)
·        Ms. Nusrat Perween
·        Ms. Summaiya Shaikh
Supporting Staff
·        Shaikh Abdul Kader
                                 Students  :
·        President           : Shaikh Shafaque Shaheen
·        Vice President  : Rajpurohit  Pukhraj  Babusingh
·        Secretary           : Hegde Janhavi Anand
·        Committee members 
o   Shaikh Uzma Sami
o   Gaikwad Ashwini Yadeorao
o   Khatib Zeba Ilyas
o   Siddiqui Masaud Mushirahamad
o   Siddiqui Sameen Mushtaq
o   Hajarah Shakeel
o   Ruqyya Dadarkar
o   Siddique Azaruddin Kamruddin

INAUGRATION   OF   Zoology Association – “eZOOcation”
DATE:- 29th December, 2016
VENUE:- Room no: 222                                     
TIMING:- 12:45 – 1:35 pm
Nodal Person: - Ms Nusrat Perween, Dept of Zoology, AISC, Pune                                                                      
The Zoology dept of our college is very active and dynamic. The students of FY and SY formed a association called eZOOcation as a platform to explore, understand and conserve animal    biodiversity and give a platform to budding zoologists to discuss different aspect related to Zoology The Inaugural Function was organized on 29th December, 2016
The function was organized in Room no: 222 at 12:45 pm.  F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y.B.Sc. students who were members and their working committee were present for the inaugural function. . Dr Narahari P. Gramapurohit, Assistant Professor Department of Zoology, SPPU Pune was the chief guest. Our Vice-Principal Dr. Shaila Bootwala presided over the function.
As per our tradition the function began by the recitation of the holy Quran. Dr.Ishrat V. Shaikh, Head, Dept. of Zoology spoke about aims and objectives of eZOOcation .The Principal gave the welcome speech and addressed the students. He motivated students to participate in various activities of the Association.
After this Ms Nusrat Perween, Dept of Zoology introduced the guest Dr. Narahari Gramapurohit, The chief guest was felicitated by the Vice-Principal with a bouquet and College magazine.Dr. Narahari Gramapurohit, then spoke in detail regarding the innovative Zoology activities which can be conducted by the association. He urged them to identify problems which the subject is facing and work towards reducing it. The students were highly motivated by this lecture.
 Finally a formal vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Summaiya Shaikh, Dept of Zoology to conclude the programme.

Summary of Guest Lecture
Understanding the breeding ecology is critical in determining the factors (both extrinsic and intrinsic) that control reproduction including reproductive behavior. Sexual selection is an important component of reproductive behaviour. Sexual selection was devised by Charles Darwin to specifically explain the evolution of certain traits within a species that accrue fitness in exclusive relation to reproduction. Sexual selection has two components: intrasexual selection generally referred to as male-male competition and intersexual selection often referred to as female choice. In some species male-male competition can be a dominant mode of sexual selection while in others, female choice. However, these two are not mutually exclusive as switch-over between the two modes has been observed.

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